“Sensibility to talk about love, life and death…”

 Alex Senna brings us to a nostalgic atmosphere when using moments and characters that sounds familiar like a friend, a moment,a romance or an emotion. The incomparable traces of his work in black and white allow a little more love to come inside of our daily obligations, an universal need these days.

At the streets his work gains other dimensions moved by inspirations, an ability expressed through the essence of street and urban art. He divides his time between his studio and the streets, his work includes ink illustrations, spray and vector, demarcating territory around the eclectic artworks.

Artist represented by Pigment since 2013.       

Location: Sao Paulo – Brazil



London  +44 07 40093 1435  Sao Paulo +55 11 99641179   

E-mail: info@pigmentlondon.co.uk       Instagram: pigment_         Facebook.com/pigment.london