SAO’s work is the search of a dialogue between color, spirituality, life, crossbred and street.

Born in 1982, by influence of his older brothers he started to draw and in 1996 he has done his first graffiti.Ten years later,after re-think his ideas combined with his talent, he decides to dilute his drawings in a mass of color,starts then a new phase of SAO’s professional style,abandoning the lines as reference.

On his first paintings the color is not something left aside and used lately, like cosmetic that is used to correct imperfections,but the colourful traces are premeditated, what gives to his work autonomy to reveal the secret essence of the shapes represented.

Artist represented by Pigment since 2013.

Location: Sao Paulo – Brazil.



London  +44 07 40093 1435  Sao Paulo +55 11 994641179